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Dienstag 9.6.09 2ter Gabie Tag (National Park & Stadt)

Tuesday June 9th 2009 9:30PM

We had a chilled day today. We started slow with a great breakfast burrito, it was awesome! Afterwards we went for a walk by Sania National Forest. It was really cold on the top, so we went on a little hike trail in the middle. It was nice and we had sometimes a great view over Albuquerque. Home we made coffee and talked about stuff and just hang out. Then we went to the city looked around Downtown and got finally my last Mexican food. It was a charmed restaurant but I was falling in tears one time I got the hottest meal of us all. My Enchilada was so great but I feel now like I could make everything to burn. Now we are setting in the living room drinking margaritas. I love it here it’s just great. Kind of sad we have to leave tomorrow already. I would love to stay longer. Looking forward to come back some time!

Bilder und Fotos hochladen Bilder und Fotos hochladen

I don’t know if I can write tomorrow. We will fly to Chicago and drive then to my host family a 2nd time. Home we will fly on the 12th from Bloomington over Chicago to Frankfurt. Where we will arrive on the 13th about 11 o’clock.  Hopefully cya tomorrow bye Janine.

10.6.09 05:46


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