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Freitag 12.6.09 Heimflug

Friday June 12th 2009 6pm

We just landed at Chicago O’Hare Airport. We are a little late and you will not believe why.

Before entering the plane I was sitting and reading Homo Faber for school. At the point his plane lands in the dessert we had to board. In the plane I started reading again. I was totally into the book when we arrived on the start lane. The Purser did the last check. And the motors were running and you could feel the shaking of it. Suddenly the purser stopped in the row in front of us. I didn’t pay attention because I was reading. But when they started fighting I listened. The woman in front of us had a toy game (normally little kids have them) and the purser didn’t believe that it was shut off. The woman promised that it was shut down but the purser doesn’t. She sad that the women should take out the batteries for everyone’s safety.  But she couldn’t there was a screw in there and we had nothing for open it. The purser went to the captain to tell. But none of the crew members had something neither of the passengers did.  So she got mad and told we had to go back to the gait. People where laughing about it and others complaining of missing their connecting flight. I had fun watching the disaster. The woman was so sorry but she couldn’t do anything. She even gave the game to a man how tried to destroy it, so we wouldn’t have to go back to the gait. But it didn’t work. So we left for the gait, the purser throw the toy out and we had to fill up our oil again, then we left. They least of the flight people where making fun of it. I had a good time but I still don’t understand why she had to give away her toy. An iPod or an computer doesn’t have a switch neither to switch of so you can be sure it’s really shut down. And isn’t it allowed to use a camera? The whole thing didn’t make sense to me, because there was no wireless stuff in this. Does it make sense to you?  If yes tell me about it. I think it’s really interesting, I will try to figure some stuff out about it and tell you guys than. It’s an unbelievable story; I think I will never forget this!

14.6.09 16:39


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